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Most Promising Upcoming Indie Games

Every year there has been over a dozen of Indie Games to watch out, for the lovers of the game. New inventions bring about fresh excitement in terms of the theme and the design of the games that grace the market. With more players looking to satisfy their large appetite for gaming, Indie Games come as a source of inspiration for them. Luckily, the developers of these games do not disappoint year in year out. For the case of 2017, there are Indie games that offer so much promise and thus worth being excited about. They include among them:


If adventure is your thing, then this game will take you straight there. It features a young wanderer who has found himself on an Island, all alone. Although it is an attractive Island, he has to figure out on his own how to get out of there. There are a lot of mysteries that go on, on the Island and you have to hack them to get out. It is developed by Tequila Works and offers you to play it on the PS4 platform.


It is as the name suggests. The developer of this game, Studio MDHR, had Disney in mind when coming up with it. Although not an entirely original game, it has an appealing side to it. Check out FoxyCasino online casino review to decide if it is the right fit depending on the games you want to play. A baby with a head-like cup and a straw at the top will keep you in the mood during the entire playtime. The graphics and sound effects are magical. You can play it on an Xbox One or PC.


The scare is real when it comes to this game. If you want to have a creepy play time while you figure out who or where to go, this Indie game will give you just that. It is a horror-themed game by The Deep End Games. The echoes, you make with your feet that open up new hallways, will creep you out and send chills to your spine. There is no time to contemplate once you get started. It is compatible with Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms and thus flexible.


Developed by Fullbright Games, Tacoma takes your imagination into the future. Everything happens in a station far away from earth in a space-like kind of setting. If you love science, then this game will make your day if not a year. It brings on a unique experience, which adds to the excitement and thrill. It supports both the Xbox One and PC platforms.


Meet the storm, rain, mountain, and then take a tour to the creepy cave below the mountain. All this takes place at night and thus you have to find your way down the cave. On the way, you will come across dangers and vigilantes where you have to fight your way through. It is scary down there as you will meet all kinds of weird caves below. It provides a nerve wrecking experience where you have to survive all the way before you complete your mission. It is developed by Capybara Game and offers PC and Xbox One platforms to play.

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