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Rapoo Brings Strong Features and RGB with the V720S Mechanical Keyboard

Want to step up your gaming career to new heights but you don’t have the budget to take it to the next level? Well, then. There’s a handful of options that are available in the market today. While, chances are, you haven’t heard of those brands, the products often come in with capable designs and whatnot to put them on par with the big league and level the playing field in the process. Rapoo, on the other hand, would probably make as a brand that you can recognize, and be equally as affordable at the same time. Enter the Rapoo V720S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The Rapoo V20S features full mechanical black switches, bringing you conflict-free design for all the keys so you can be sure all of your strokes are registered and executed fast and accurate. If you’re questioning its durability, each key comes with a lifespan of up to 60 million keystrokes. You can also set up its progrmmable keys in game mode for easier access to cobinations. But of course, let’s not forget – RGB. Its customizable 16 million color backlight can be adjusted through the driver, so you can bring out that beauty of the lightshow in the dark.

You can nab the Rapoo V20S Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for only $72.99 on TOMTOP.

Product Specifications:

Color: black, white (Optional)
Transmission mode: Wired
Keys: 116 standard keys 12 hotkeys
Key type: Membrance keys
Key stroke(mm): 3.0±0.2
Working voltage(v): 5
System requirement: for Windows® XP/Vista/7, Windows® 8,Windows® 10, USB port
Item weight: 974.6g / 2.14lb
Item size: 433 * 196 * 36.7mm / 17.04 * 7.71 * 1.44in (L * W * H)
Package weight: 1328g / 2.92lb
Package size: 448 * 222 * 49mm / 17.63 * 8.74 * 1.93in (L * W * H)


Operation Adjust Backlight
Vpro= Vpro key,same function as FN
Vpro+F1= running mode
Vpro+F2= automatic cycle mode
Vpro+F3= breathing mode
Vpro+F4= Streamer mode
Vpro+F5= Customized mode
Vpro+F6= Single light mode
Vpro+F7= Adjust backlight color or direction
Vpro+F8= Adjust backlight color or direction
Vpro+F9= adjust backlight brightness (+)
Vpro+F10= adjust backlight brightness (-)
Vpro+F11= adjust backlight speed (+)
Vpro+F12= adjust backlight speed (-)
Vpro+WIN= lock windows key

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