The Different Types of Popular Video Games

The transition and evolution of video games over the years has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. In 1958, the first ever video game was released. Later known as Pong, the game simply consisted of a moving ball and two scrolling planks, and was essentially a very basic, virtual table tennis game. While this game will undoubtedly seem boring and characterless to many people these days, it was early creations such as this that helped to pave the way for state-of-the-art gaming and a multi-million-dollar industry.

Thanks to basic video games such as Pong, as well as technological advances, games developers have managed to drastically improved gameplay, graphics and software, and produce a broad range of video games that cater to all kinds of tastes. Even modern casino slot games now adopt elements of entertaining video games, such as those found at

So, what are the most popular types of video games?


Platform Games

Platform games have been popular for decades and never seem to grow old. Gameplay is focused upon the character’s environment, with the player required to run, jump and manoeuvre through the game, as well as complete other tasks such as puzzles to progress to the next level or collecting tokens.

Fighting Games

You’ll have an opponent whom you must fight, possibly using a variety of weapons and techniques. These games are often martial arts-based, and you’ll likely improve with practice.

Shooter Games

Ranging from simple to complex, these games require the player to use a range of weapons to defeat their objective and progress through the levels. Some of these games are violent, whereas others can remain quite mild. Often, choosing the right weapon and using it in the correct way is key to success in this type of video game.

Stealth Games

These can be quite similar to shooter games, but the emphasis is on stealth, and you could be penalised for going into attack guns blazing. Caution, planning and plenty of sneaking around is likely to reward you more highly in this type of game.

Racing Games

Objectives in this type of game can vary, but you’ll be in control of a virtual vehicle and will often be required to race it from A to B as quickly as possible. The setting can be highly realistic thanks to improved graphics and sound effects.

Survival Games

Usually, the player begins with hardly any resources or essentials, and is situated in a hostile environment. The aim of the game is to survive, and to do this you must gather resources and weapons and use them to stay alive.

Roleplay Games

These games are often narrative-focused and involve a quest or mission to develop the character, and can be highly engaging.

Puzzle Games

These could be video game number puzzles, crosswords, word searches and more, and are video games that intend to test your wit.

Sports Games

Pong was a sports game, in the sense that it was based on table tennis and the player was able to control their participation in the sport. Sports video games rely on the same concept today, whereby the player can control their on-screen movements and play football, basketball and more.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that there are many different types of video games, and the ones mentioned above aren’t an exhaustive list. Many people favour a certain type of video game, and thankfully, there are many types to choose from. Which type of game is your favourite?

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