How to Apply for Converge FiberX

Nearly all ISPs are rolling out fiber services and with more areas being covered, you’re missing our if you’re still using an older DSL service should your area be covered by faster fiber services. Right now PLDT, Globe and Converge have their own unique services and competing copper (DSL) services are being slowly and surely overtaken by the newer service. There’s some details to go through but in this article we’ll discuss how to apply for a Converge FiberX fiber-to-the-home line. We’ll also highlights some of their do’s and don’ts should you want to be accepted.

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. is a company that started out in Pampanga. They were a region-level provider and mainly operated in the Pampanga area, prodimantly in the Clark freeport zone vicinity. They are still still known as Comclark to some as it was their original name prior to expanding. Earlier in the decades, they offered their services to certain Manila areas but only for enterprise consumers. Past forward to around 2017 and Converge ICT was making buzz in Manila for being the next big thing. With PLDT, Smart, Globe, BayanTel and SkyBroadband still working on their fiber services, Converge ICT was bringing their fiber services to Manila.

Converge ICT is a fiber-only service and only provide fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connections. Their lowest monthly offering is 25Mbps at Php1500. Compared that with PLDT’s lowest plan of 5Mbps at Php1299 and the their comparative 25Mbps at Php1899. To be fair, PLDT does include a landline with their service but in this day and age, if you’re connected you rarely use a landline unless you’re a business. That being said, Converge offers the same internet speed at 26% less than its main competitor. The nearest price competitor at Php1699 (15Mbps) is 66% slower at 11% more.

Converge FiberX Plans

Converge divides their plans into 2 tier: FiberX and FiberXtreme. FiberXtreme are basically their higher-tier plans which start at 300mbps. The charts below show their respective speeds and prices:

FiberX 1500 and 2500 plans have an installation fee of Php2500. FiberX 3500 has Php1500 installation fee. FiberXtreme waive the installation fee. You have the option of paying in staggered or full payment for the installation fee. FiberX 1500 and FiberX 2500 staggered option will add Php125 to your bill for the next 24 months. FiberX 3500 will add Php125 to your bill for the next 12 months.

How to Apply to Converge FiberX: GO FIBER!

So lets get down to business, how do you get in? Simple. Converge has made a new website to make things simple for you. Just visit the website below:

They’ve merged the Check Service location from their previous web-app with the Apply now button so in case you’re not covered, they’ll let you know and have your information ready beforehand.

GoFiber.PH homepage
GoFiber.PH application menu
Application form

If you are covered, you’ll proceed to submission of forms and IDs for authentication purposes. Once you’ve submitted your valid ID and application form, you’ll have to wait for their confirmation and you’ll receive a emails updating you about your status. First you’ll receive a notice that your docs are being verified and once that’s through you’ll eventually receive a payment notice. They’ll instruct you to send payment for the initial fees highlighted in the email. You can pay through many means as highlighted in the email. You will also receive these notifications on the mobile phone number you supplied during application.

Once payment goes through you’ll get a reply and your installation status should proceed. You’ll eventually received a schedule for installation. And you’re just one step away from getting Converge Fiber-powered! You may receive hold notifications if there are problems in your application. Should you need more information, the email should have details on how to contact Converge for further information together with your reference application number.

Once the crew arrives, it should be in less than an hour and you’ll be Converge Fiber-powered. Depending on the street layout and your home, that will affect difficulty of installation. Make sure to prep your home an plan where to land your modem for the fastest installation.

Once your fiber port and modem is installed, the linemen would just be a phone call away to get you activated. And voila! Welcome to the Converge FiberX family!

Manual Application

For those that currently don’t have access to internet but wish to subscribe, you may ask people who are currently subscribed for their agent or visit Converge FiberX kiosks if they are present in your area. The agent will give you an application form if they can confirm if you are covered in your address. They may also be present during events, expos and conventions and you may ask and request information like checking for coverage, etc. during these occasions.

You may proceed your application process via text messages just like above.


If you’re a new applicant, you might want to check out the new promotion that Converge is running exclusively for NCR applicants. If you applied within August to October, you can get 1 month free subscription if you settle your initial fees within 3 days of receiving of your payment notice. You can check out more details about this in our article covering Converge’s The Great Rebate promo!

Converge also has their High Plan promotion which is already in effect. Converge FiberX Plan 2500 and 3500 are now boosted from 50Mbps and 100Mbps to 75Mbps and 150Mbps respectively. Also, Converge roll out a temporary promotion for FiberX Plan 1500 allowing subscribers who wish to receive at +10Mbps boost to just add Php99 pesos to their bill giving you 35Mbps for Php1599. The promotion has ended but we have strong feeling it may show up every now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Converge include landline?

A: No.

Q: What are my initial fees?

A: Installation fee and security deposit. Installation fee is Php2500 for FiberX 1500, 2500, and 3500. FiberXtreme has no installation fee (waived). Security deposit is equivalent to (1) month subscription fee e.g. 1500 for FiberX 1500, et al. You can pay staggered or in full.

Q: Do I need a valid ID for application?

A: Yes. You may be asked for other things.

Q: Is my connection capped?

A: No. Converge does have bandwidth capping.

Q: Does have Converge have a fair-use policy or FUP?

A: No. But should you be detected to have an unusually high amount of traffic originating from your network, you may be questioned on your usage if you’re using it for business.

Q: Which areas are covered?

A: Converge currently doesn’t have an area map but majority of Metro Manila has service coverage. Pampanga has coverage. Some areas in Cavite and Batangas are also covered. As of this moment, expansion to the other islands are in the works but Visayas and Mindanao are yet to have service coverage.

Q: I am staying in a condominium, what are my requirements?

A: Please confirm first with your building admin that your condo tower allows you to install your choice of internet service. Some condo will be exclusive to some providers and will not allow other ISPs. If it does allow Converge, all you need is an ID and area coverage. Go to to check if you’re covered.

Q: Why is my subdivision not covered by Converge but the area around us is?

A: Consult with the homeowners’ association in your subdivision if they allow ISPs such as Converge to construct facilities in your subdivision. Some gated subdivisions may require ISPs to have agreements etc., before allowing construction of posts or usage of existing ones.

Q: Why is the house across the road from me have Converge but I don’t?

A: Many potential reasons. First is that your area may be full and no new applicants can be accepted during this time. Second is by law, some areas may not allow suspended wiring to traverse across roads. In this case, future expansion may include facility installations in your side of the road. Third is if in your different baranggays then it may be a potential situation wherein the other barangays have allowed the ISP to proceed with installation while your barangay has not yet allowed installation of facilities on your area.

Q: XXXXXXX Location when?

A: Expansion is ongoing so more areas are being covered but a lot of factors play into consideration so not all areas are easy to cover. Please visit to check your area for service availability.

Q: Is it true that Converge uses PLDT facilities?

A: No. Converge has their own IP network and capacity.

Q: I have a pisonet/iCafe business, can I apply for FiberX?

A: No. FiberX is a residential subscription service and business use is highly discouraged. Please apply for FiberX BIZ plans for business use.

Q: What’s Converge contact number so I can ask more details?

A: You can contact Converge via the numbers below:

Or you can go through their online help portal here:

Kindly let us know in the comments if you have other questions and we’ll try our best to help.

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