MNL48 Kay Makes Her Own Gingham Check MV

In a previous article, I talked about how MNL48 Kay was not included in the Gingham Check MV due to her being back home in Japan during the shoot. Now it seems, she has a special treat for her fans.

Yes, she made her own Gingham Check MV.


In all fairness to her, she put “Gingham Check cover” in the title. But it’s unmistakably a Music Video. She was also included in the song’s dance video which was uploaded in the MNL48 You Tube account.

Pretty cool, huh? You have to admire someone who makes an effort to “make up” to her fans. It wasn’t her fault she wasn’t on the MV in the first place.

Kay is part of the 5th single “High Tension” senbatsu. They will have their first performance today, Day 1 of Coslandia 2019.

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