Granblue Fantasy Launches Xeno Sagittarius Clash

Hit Japanese mobile game Granblue Fantasy just hit 16 million registered players a few weeks ago, and today marks the launching of the latest installment to the game’s Xeno Clash events: Xeno Sagittarius.

Xeno weapons in the game give a rare massive elemental attack buff to players and party members. Players may obtain the elegantly named Xeno Conviction Flashspear from this event. The current playerbase of the game hopes that this would boost the underpowered wind element; an element that previously dominated the game.

Xeno Conviction Flashspear.png

Given that the weapon is quite powerful and rare, numerous materials are needed to craft it, with each round of crafting getting more and more difficult and requiring rarer materials. The weapon itself may also randomly drop from Extreme, Maniac, and Nigtmare-level bosses. However, the probability is low. And low-ranking players may find it difficult to defeat these high-level bosses.

The event runs until August 30, 2017 which gives players 6 days to grind for the rare and powerful weapon.

Those interested may play Granblue Fantasy through desktop or mobile browsers here. The game is by default, in Japanese. New players may change the language to English on settings.

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