GeForce RTX 3090 Photos Surface, Monster-Sized Card at 3-slot for Reference

Previous leaks of the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce cards have hinted that they will arrive with a new reference cooler featuring a front-to-back cooling system as well as a new fin array without a shroud. This was followed by a new leak of the RTX 3090 showing us an 3×8-pin PCIe power as well as the memory configuration.

A new leak has surfaced and this time full metal proof that corroborates previous that points towards a hefty card that could easily trounce much of the competition.

The new leak gives us a shot of the an RTX 2080 side by side with what appears to be an RTX 3090. We are provided with two flat lay images showing both sides of the cards and from the images we can infer that the supposed RTX 3090 is a 3-slot card given the 3 locking fingers on the rear shield. the card will be much wider in depth as well as longer in overall length.

Specifications have not yet been confirmed and given the amount of leaks leading up to the RTX 20-series launch, NVIDIA is playing its cards very close to its chest despite the amount of leaks slowly popping out from the woodwork.

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