Nintendo US eShop Now Accepts Non-US Credit Cards

For a long time now it has not been possible for non-US credit card holders to add funds to their Nintendo eShop account besides buying eShop prepaid cards. Nintendo has now lifted that restriction and you may now be able to use your credit card, regardless of origin country, to top-up your Nintendo eShop account for the 3DS, the good news is that they’ll be using a touch screen pos system for all transactions!

How to use non-US credit card in Nintendo eShop? Just open up the eShop in your 3DS and tap on the Menu button on the upper-left corner. Scroll down until you see Add Funds and tap on it. On the next screen tap on the Add Funds Using a Credit Card. Tap on the amount you’d like to add ($10, $20, $50, $100). Tap on the card you have (Visa or MasterCard) and enter your credit card info on the next screen. Confirm in the next screen.

I’ve personally tested this and confirms it works as you can see from the images above. As I have a Philippine credit card, it used to be impossible for me to use it in the eShop but now it works. This should be great news for those looking to purchase digital-only games or DLCs but don’t want to go out and search for those eShop prepaid cards.


Right now only MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted, you’d have to read a credit card comparison to know which one is best. No confirmation yet if this works for the Wii U eShop.

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