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PSA: China-based Sellers Are Using EasyPC Branding in Lazada

Because there exists a portion of the population that need this info in big, bold letters.

Local PC store employee and frontman Tammy Padal has issued a notice to their customers particularly those looking in Lazada, that some China-based sellers are using the EasyPC store images for their items. While careful and thorough checking shows that these listings aren’t labelling themselves as EasyPC nor are directly impersonating the store. Still, the product labels may be misleading and could confuse buyers who are very trusting of the EasyPC brand which may cause issues later on especially for warranty concerns.

The listings show multiple items besides graphics cards using the official EasyPC Lazada product images including memory as well as other items. While these items may be legitimate, buyers are warned regarding the identity of the actual sellers.

Mr. Padal advises buyers to check the listings country of origin to verify further.

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