The Rise Of Fantasy Esports

Gaming has risen to mainstream popularity that it’s not surprising that many teenagers and young adults aspire to make a living out of it. From streaming in your room to playing in front of a sold-out crowd in Madison Square Garden in New York, there are a lot of ways that people can generate some bucks using video games. Online video games span multiple genres now, from MOBAs to slots, they’re all here and so much more. One of these ways is playing in Fantasy Esports sites. Let’s take a more in depth look at what Fantasy Esports is.


Fantasy Esports is where you can form a team from a given pool of professional players to compete against other teams by use of points gathered by each member from the statistics in the scheduled games they have played. Most of these sites have a certain salary cap that users should take note of, as you cannot pick up another player if his salary exceeds the cap. Almost every game where there is a professional scene is accommodated by these sites: League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite and CSGO etc. But that was not always the case back then.

In years past, there were only 2 sites that offered Fantasy Esports competitions, Alphadraft and Vulcun. Vulcun was already a familiar face in the League of Legends professional scene, having fieled a team that competed and won 3rd place in the North American League of Legends Championship Series as well as grabbing a spot in the Season 3 World Championship. Alphadraft is a creation of FanDuel, a daily fantasy sports site, and serves as its esports branch. In both sites, you started out with and had to compete and win in free contests to have money to enter a paid contest with a bigger prize pool. Of course some people opted to enter real money to enter those paid contests right away.

alphadraft sample

Overtime, these sites were able to grow and partner up with popular streamers and pro players like imaqtpie and content creators like Thoorin. This led to an influx of new users that wanted a piece of the action. As more and more people gathered around, Vulcun has added more features like gold, which can be used for in-game item raffles, and many more just waiting to be used! Alphadraft also has talk shows like By The Numbers in which the hosts discuss who are the hottest fantasy pickups and who you should avoid taking for your team, a big improvement that helps newer users to get a good feel on the trends.

Since then, well known fantasy sports site Draftkings is seeking to enter the fantasy esports market dominated by Alphadraft and Vulcun. This move by Draftkings has caused more people to keep an eye out for this up and coming market and potentially more users! It wont be a surprise if some casino sites will also branch out to test their mettle here. One thing is for sure, the sky’s the limit for these Fantasy Esports sites and its not only for the owners pockets, but the users as well.

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