JBL is off to a good start with their first rodeo in the gaming market. The JBL Quantum 400 is a particularly competitive product but while it has its merits, there are some compromises that could've made this headset a bigger threat to the current players. Read on to find out more about the JBL Quantum 400 gaming headset in this #B2G review. Read More
At Php6,999, this is a great deal compared to the $250 SRP of the XPG Precog and given its excellent sound quality and detail plus its high versatility make it a great choice for any gaming use. Its not every day we get a good competitor for the HyperX but the XPG Precog is a great alternative for major returns. Read on to find out more in #B2G review Read More
The HyperX Cloud is without question a huge success for Kingston and has spawned numerous designs but Kingston is trying out something new with the release of the HyperX Revolver. With a metal frame and a striking physical appearance, this a serious contender to its brother's crown. Read on to find out more about the Kingston HyperX Cloud Revolver in this #B2G review. Read More
Searching for a solid performing gaming mouse is hard for budget oriented Gamers out there as they struggle with the dilemma: To invest a few bucks in a low-end gaming mouse? or to just buy a regular A4tech mouse and I'm good to go? Today, we take a look at the ASUS Cerberus Gaming Mouse and hopefully end the dilemma in this #B2G Review. Read More