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Best RGB Accessories for PC Gamers

Illuminate your gaming PC and enhance your gameplay! Okay, so RGB lighting is not going to make you a better player. But one of the reasons so many gamers love PCs is because they can quickly transform the look of their setup. Plus, PCs look so much cooler when lit up!

An RGB PC lets you add a bit of personality to your computer, whether you want to impress your friends at the next LAN party or home playing your favorite MMORPG. From case fans to LED strips and cables (and other components), powering up your RGB gaming PC can fill any room with glorious multicolored lights. Even better: RGB lighting doesn’t stop at just internal components. There are lots of cool-looking external RGB accessories, like matching keyboards and mice, that go a long way in enhancing your machine’s appearance.

Love RGB lighting? RGB accessories make it a breeze to create a bright, color-coordinated gaming PC. Here are different types of components to transform your PC into a flashy home gaming setup.


Light Up Your Desktop with These External Components

RGB Gaming Keyboards: Even before RGB accessories were all the rage, you could find keyboards with some type of lighting effect. They usually featured single-colored backlighting that you could just turn on and off. Nowadays, you’ll find a variety of RGB keyboards with addressable RGB LEDs that allow you to control their intensity. If you love to play in a darkened room, ambient keyboard lighting can add the right amount of glow. Plus, it looks pretty awesome!

RGB Gaming Mice: The next logical step in your external RGB gaming setup is to pair your RGB keyboard with a complementary RGB gaming mouse. Hardcore gamers will want a gaming mouse with programmable buttons and DPI control. With the right software, you can program the LEDs to match your gaming keyboard’s RGB effects and all those other sweet RGB accessories on your desktop.

RGB Mouse Pad: A stylish gaming mouse deserves to chill on an equally stylish mouse pad. Make some room for the RGB mouse pad. They don’t take up too much real estate, but most get their power from an available USB port, so be sure you’ve got ports available or a multi-USB port adapter. No matter what kind of rig you’re rocking, a mouse pad with RGB accent lighting can tie everything together.

RGB Gaming Headset: Elevate your gaming headset with RGB! You likely won’t be able to see the lights yourself (unless you like to look in a mirror while gaming). But you know that it looks cool, and sometimes, that’s all that matters.

RGB Monitors: LEDs on a monitor may seem like a distraction at first, but the RGB monitors we’ve seen feature LEDs on the stand or rear side. Side and back LEDs create an ambient light show on the rear and bottom of the monitor. They look super-cool…and they aren’t distracting at all. RGB gaming monitors are available in 1080p and higher resolutions, some with low response times and refresh rates up to 240Hz, so you can still have the best of everything.

Try These Must-Have Internal RGB Components

Internal RGB components are best appreciated when you can see them. It makes sense to have an all-glass case or one that at least has a side-mounted window.

RGB Cooling Case Fans and CPU coolers: When you’re grinding through an intense win or overclocking, you’ll want to be sure that there’s plenty of airflow going through your system. RGB cooling fans can help keep your rig from getting as hot as the Sahara.

Don’t skimp out on CPU coolers, either, as they can keep your high-end gaming components at a safe temperature. RGB liquid cooling options can be a quieter alternative to the more “traditional” RGB case fan and CPU cooler styles.

RGB Graphics Card Holder: It seems like RGB has touched almost every component, so why not your graphics card? There are now RGB PCIe brackets available for systems. These brackets are made from steel and designed to prop up those giant graphics cards to prevent bending PCIe slots.

RGB Memory: You’ll love the striking visual effects of RGB memory modules. As with many other RGB components, you can also program the LED lights for specific colors or just enjoy the rotating flow of colors.

RGB Cables and LED Strips: If you’re going for a massive display of light, you might as well install LED strips and RGB power supply cables, too!

The Wrap-Up

Your gaming PC provides hours of non-stop fun and entertainment, no matter what kind of multicolored lights are flashing in sync. But suppose you want to build a PC with perfectly synced interior and exterior RGB accessories. In that case, some companies supply the software that allows you to do exactly that – and all from a single panel.

Don’t have time or the ability to tinker with the inside of your PC? Fortunately, you have options. You can always choose several stylish and powerful pre-built gaming PCs that already have many of the RGB accessories you love!

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