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LAZADA Online Revolution x Back2Gaming ADATA SU650 240GB SSD Raffle

As part of LAZADA’s campaign towards their biggest sale of the year, LAZADA Online Revolution, and in cooperation with ADATA. We, at Back2Gaming, are happy to announce that we will be giving away one ADATA SU650 240GB SSD to one lucky winner.

In order to win, the mechanics are simple. All you have to do is enter via our raffle giveaway below.

ADATA SU650 240GB SSD Giveaway

Adata ssd giveaway

Read our review of the ADATA SU650 240GB SSD.

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  1. I need it for a dedicated drive for fast access of my ever growing research files. Make me a weiner ADATA and Lazada. Thanks and goodluck everyone.

    Joe Dgreat Gabriel Hipolito Kevin Akino M. Santos

  2. Up until now i am using my mechanical hard drive with 13% health remaining. I am using this for almost 3 years as my Operating system and for storing programming app like Android Studio, Visual Studio etc. everytime i compile a single file it will took almost 20 – 30 mins to load it. it would be my pleasure if i were the one selected to win this powerful SSD. i really badly need it not just for games but in my daily app needs Thanks to Lazada and ADATA for giving as a chance! more power! Mj Uy Joshua Nissi Fuentes Justin Jimenez

  3. that screenshot is the reason why :D Definitely that SSD will boost not just my storage but the system as a whole. Good luck to everyone :) Thanks Lazada and ADATA

    Suiluj Rus Payat

  4. i dont have any ssd (cross my heart) and i want to experience faster and durable hard drive for my computer.. im building a new pc hope i can win this ssd for me and for my children <3 thanks ADATA and Lazada thank you too Back2Gaming!!! Jester Pinzon Jan Zavier Francisco Villareal RhangelusJean David Pinzon

  5. I need to win this cause a Solid State Drive is one of the best upgrade you can ever have in a gaming pc. For a faster load/boot times! Thanks ADATA and Lazada

    Jon Bertoldo Jet Chin Victorino Norvin Santor

  6. Lazada and ADATA, I’ve been thinking of putting together a secondary system from all the spare parts I have lying around for gaming and backup. The one thing I don’t have a spare of is an SSD. I can just use a mechanical hard drive, but I need that SSD speed. Thank you very much.

    Jil Kiok Kan Josef Suatengco Zachary Jeff Lim

  7. Dont have any ssd before :D Need it for faster booting process :D Thanks for opportunity :D <3 Rochelle Sepnio Romell Sepnio TC Lee Janzen Villa Laoke

  8. I feel the need to speed up my rig!! Thanks ADATA and Lazada! More powers! tagging Jasmin Tomelden kasi wala ka na kamo space sa laptop, Dan Michael Lontok kasi bro eto kulang sa rig mo. and Daile Excelyn Mercado para bumilis yung laptop mo. hahahahaha

  9. Hi, i badly need this hard drive for work and backing up my files for 5 years all my special memories and files are to be stored there, it would greatly help me if I would win this Lazada and ADATA

    Tagging my friends Jen Paredes Joanne Arimas Nadie Sobie they deserve it as well since 2 of them just had their birthdays please let us win!

  10. To be my boot drive for my upcoming Ryzen 5 build next year :)
    Thanks Lazada, ADATA Philippines and Back2Gaming for this awesome giveaway! :)
    Jerick Terariray Mark Korver Terariray Jigs Campano

  11. Dio, Daisy, Raphael

    Lazada and ADATA, winning this would allow me to set the drive as a boot drive to our NEC VD-9 laptop for business or replace my 120gb SP550.

    tagging Raphael, would be a sweet add-on to ur Ryzen build bai. m/

  12. Lazada ADATA I really need to win this cause I need to start upgrading my unit, I also plan to make a rig out of winning from giveaways :) see how that goes :) Glen Galuba Abel Vicente Andrew Major Bayating

  13. I’m building my own pc. Sadly, I don’t have enough budget to buy an ssd. This will also be a big help to make booting much faster and load system apps faster. Hoping to win this One. Thanks Lazada and ADATA

    Tagging these guys who needs it too, Marc Albhin Roi Imus, Gerald Palaganas Mamaril, Mac Lim

  14. Thank you B2G and Lazada for this raffle! It is a really cool Christmas gift given the fact that I still dont have an SSD of my own. This would help me a lot. More power and Godbless!

  15. I need this SSD because I need super fast storage for my laptop.

    Thanks for the super advance christmas gift Lazada and ADATA ADATA Philippines

    Jessica Mora Gab Domingo Meg Domingo post dn kayooo hahaha.

  16. This is a one time opportunity, I am in desperate need of storage space plus this can help my computer run faster than before. Lazada & ADATA.

    Christian, Márkó, Prince

  17. I have never yet experienced the power of an SSD in my Computer. I’ve been using my Old HDD Since my first computer in 2013. So I really badly need one! Thanks Lazada and ADATA.
    Jasper Imperial Ryan Marquez Dom Fortes

  18. Lazada and ADATA i need this thing because im want to experiece the power of SSD and performance because my HDD have more lag.. Thank U #Back2Gaming #Lazada #ADATA
    Samantha Georgejaylor Ashley

  19. I need some space! Really because my 120gb ssd is almost full. Thank you very much ADATA & Lazada for this great opportunity!
    John Laurence Alejandro Aceron Ryan Christian Quezon Caldejon Merrick Aquino Ipapo

  20. I need this SSD cause I’m still using my old HDD and it really helps to boot my system fast.. Lazada ADATA
    Peter Dominick Sion Phil Generao II Zeus Solomon Quijalvo Olivar

  21. Why I need a new SSD? Well, the hdd of my laptop (2014) is getting slower and slower every day. I think it’s time for me to change it to an SSD for work purposes. Anyway, thanks Lazada and ADATA

    Arik Ihcugamay Joshua Perez Natividad Jerune Cunanan

  22. I need this SSD cause I’m still using my old HDD and it really helps to boot my system fast.. Lazada ADATA
    Peter Dominick Sion Phil Generao II Zeus Solomon Quijalvo Olivar

  23. Needed for my cousin’s future build.. :).. Will greatly help reduce cost for his school/gaming pc..
    Lazada.. ADATA.. ADATA Philippines.. Rian Gem.. Johngreg Molina.. Dhon Albina..

  24. I need one for faster loading and rendering of my videos. I don’t have enough storage space anymore either.

    Thank you for the chance ADATA and Lazada <3
    Marc Daniel Peregrino Marvic John Viña Irvin Zamudio

  25. I need this SSD, having a fast and reliable boot to my system can help me a lot in my studies, specially in applications like AutoCAD. :D
    Thanks Lazada and ADATA for giving us a chance to have this wonderful item.

    Jayvee Ramos Vincent Onserf Forbes Marvin Estrada

  26. because I really love downloading some game ^_^ but the problem is i don’t have enough Space. :(
    Thank You LAZADA and ADATA
    And by the way all of my Pc reg is from LAZADA ^_^ Because there always sale For those people like me :) ^_^
    Carl Russel Orlina, Jed Marthy Semillano Ramiscal, Nhoj Olrac Gemelo Clarinal. ^_^

  27. I a’dy have 120gb of this but 240 is much bigger and better, if you can see, my main drive is almost full so, i cant install any software i need for programming.

    This 3 also need this for PUBG.
    SSD = Fast Rendering and Fast Booting.
    Thanks Lazada and ADATA for this Wonderful Giveaway !!

    Aries Ghadi
    Paul Jordane G. Causapin
    Rhey Mhel Arlo Urquiola

  28. Definitely need one for my computer. My HD is almost full and this can help with my problem. Thanks Lazada and ADATA!
    MK Bautista Gizerr Vinn Mesina Louie Angelo Sevilla Vince Carlo Bernaldo Erastian Sy

  29. I need to win this brand new SSD from ADATA. because it’s for my back up files in real estate documents, happenings moment for my family and friends video or photo storage. Thanks ADATA and Lazada
    Melissa Rivas Bernardo
    Sam Alejandro Aguilar
    Michael M Concha

  30. Need to have this for my Ryzen build before the year ends! It will really help a lot in terms of savings and usefulness of my upcoming build which will be focused on web design and of course, gaming! Thank you ADATA and Lazada!

  31. Need it for extra storage. I’d use my current SSD just for the OS, and then if I win this one, I would only store it with my games.
    Thanks for the giveaway, Back2Gaming, ADATA & Lazada!

  32. I need more space for my TV Series and Movies, sadly, I’m short to 100GB space. I hope I win!

    Thank you Lazada, ADATA, and Back2Gaming!

    Chezter Kevyn, Louie Angelo, Vince Carlo, Erastian.

  33. i really want to have this for PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds but i dont have enough cash please let me have this one and also for my friens Stephen John Dinio RockJerome Usi Hachiko Torrjios
    ADATA Lazada

  34. Guys, to make sure that you joined the giveaway. Kindly make sure that you’ve done all the necessary steps. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste if you miss one step. You will be disqualified incase you got picked.

  35. Need it for extra storage. I’d use my current SSD just for the OS, and then if I win this one, I would only store it with my games.
    Thanks for the giveaway, Back2Gaming, ADATA & Lazada!

    Jhon Jacob Gerasmio Kazan Advincula Ian Arcie Nacario Sumilang

  36. I only have 500gb hdd and im having a hard time playing pubg cuz it won’t render fast. I hope i can win this for me to be able to play well. Lazada Lazada Philippines ADATA Andrew Degano Julius Decano Montemayor Lyle Danan

  37. I badly need this because I only have 500GB HDD and its nearly full. With this SSD, I can finally move my OS to the SSD for it also to boot faster. I hope that I would win this one Lazada and ADATA. Thank You for this giveaway and more power!

    Wesley Neil Martin Rex

  38. I need a new storage for my RIG that can boot as fast like ADATA products and to deliver awesome performance like Lazada services.
    Thank you ADATA, Lazada and Back2Gaming for this giveaway!
    Yek Yek Norman Alfonso Rhayzon S. Suerte Felipe

  39. We need a larger storage nowadays because new games have such a large file size. Not only that, other software and files takes too long to load because my hard drives are almost full. This would be a big help for me and friends :D Thank you ADATA and Lazada
    Christian Josel Clet Mark David Nuval James Ryan Lipaopao

  40. I baaaaaadly need this for Adobe PS and Pr.. And oh, for gaming as well :)
    Please be good to me; for my coming birthday and Christmas Lazada ADATA and Back2Gaming thanks! :)

    Franz Darryl Jette Joshua

  41. I need it for my friend’s incoming rig. She’s still saving money for it so having a reliable storage in first woud be great, thanks Lazada and ADATA Rena Villar Oscar Fontelara Apuli Rom Divina

  42. Ive been held back by my hdd in both games and productivity tasks..might as well enjoy and make good use of the speed SSDs give out..Thanks Lazada ADATA Back2Gaming for this opportunity..
    Justin Luke Russelle Airan

  43. “I badly need one! To my Laptop to save more videos in our Sunday service and the children music workshop. Thanks Lazada and ADATA.”
    Jenny Fernandez Canon
    Adelyn Fortuna Patricio
    Rodrigo Saberola Canon

  44. I badly need this one since i don’t have a ssd and haven’t experience the speed and the advantages of having one, also i can’t afford it. Hopefully you guys will pick me as your winner. Thank you Lazada and ADATA God bless both of you!

    Darrell Jei Montesa Rhon Antonio

  45. I need one to further expand the life of my first ever macbook that handed down to me, first aluminum model early 2009 which I managed to install High Sierra in it with a patcher from thanks a lot Lazada and ADATA Philippines and merry christmas

  46. I’d like to use this so called SSD and try its performance to see if it’s really recommendable to others despite its premium price during this NAND flash crisis, til then I’ll stick to SSHD. Thanks Lazada, ADATA, and Back2Gaming for this oppurtunity.

    Christian Jay Aligaga Jason Concepcion Igo Iñigo

  47. Since it almost the season of giving this would be a great replacement to my 120GB HDD of my 5 year old netbook, replacing it with this SSD it will be much more faster and responsive and can finally give my netbook to my cousin since he needs it for school!

    If I cant win hope my friends can win! Mark Albert Matibag Clark Urgel Richmond Tibayan

    Thanks Lazada and ADATA

  48. I want this Ssd because my pc is too slow. It can help me a lot if I can win this. Godbless Lazada and ADATA!!!
    Ian Lagasca Ian Sayaboc Christopher Ivan Martin Manansala

  49. Hoping to win, I badly need it to replace my whoping 80GB HDD in my laptop :( As you can see I have still large remaining storage, and that’s about 3.75GB :'( Hoping to really win on this one :( T_T
    Thanks Lazada and ADATA
    Jessica Padilla
    Ril Padilla
    Lanie Reyes Padilla

  50. I’m an old-school techie. When I’m building a PC for myself, I tried to lessen my expenses by using traditional HDDs. Though I am a very patient man, its a bit struggle watching my Windows 10 boot like forever and ever. This opportunity will definitely boost my PCs performance. If ever I win, this will be the first time I’ll be using SSD :D

    Thanks ADATA and Lazada for this wonderful event.

    Anna Kriska Romero Menguito
    Rhadson Mendoza
    Justin Romero Rivera

  51. If I’m lucky enough, i would use this to my current pc for fast boot coz I’m using a 320 WD HDD. I want to experience the full performance of this awesome SSD.
    Jonz Cabuenas Abe John Sacol Fil Michael.

  52. I need to win this brand new SSD from ADATA to replace my 80gb HDD for OS and boost my system. Thanks ADATA and Lazada!

    Lawrence Divina Rena Villar Oscar Fontelara Apuli

  53. My current old hard drive is starting to slow down and it is nearly full. It will be useful for me to have it as a boot drive to my computer to experience a faster performance from SSD.

    ADATA Lazada

    Nifrey Dela Cruz
    Joevanie Escobedo
    John Wyn

  54. I badly need that SSD, My first pc build has everything except an SSD. I didn’t know back then that SSDs are an essential and my HDD bottlenecks my pc performance. Thanks Lazada and ADATA!

    Jonard Lopez Matthew Jade Borromeo Denrik Larubis

  55. I’ve never had or experienced SSD before. But my friend told me that it scored 20x higher than my normal HDD. However, winning this SSD will surely suffice my expectations since it comes from ADATA and a reliable online shopping company Lazada. Have fun! and Happy Holidays everyone.

    Kim Escullar Kyle Victor de Roca Ravenrey Kaamiño Jason De Leon Jerome Jusi

  56. there’s always new stuffs coming out almost every 6 months and i haven’t upgraded any of my pc components yet this past 4 years. would be great to experience and have a new SSD without spending a fortune. Thanks Lazada and ADATA!

    Thirdy Umali Nald Dlan John Vincent Quevedo Buen

  57. i need to upgrade my rig because its been a while im using a mechanical hard drive and according to them when using ssd talagang ma.iimprove ang performance ng computer and i want to test and to verify kung totoo ito thanks Lazada AND ADATA for giving us oportunity to win your amazing giveaways. Tj Butron Barcenas Raian James Bon Acorda

  58. I badly needed to upgrade my ordinary hard disk to SSD for the best performance of my computer. I hope to win this raffle. Thanks Lazada and ADATA for the chance. Long Zky Nai Zednelag Onup Jhully Pagas Adlawan

  59. I want to win this brand new SSD from ADATA to have a better a much better performance for my work and gaming experience. This will definitely do the job, and will ultimately make a better impression to the market. Thanks Lazada & ADATA! Nep Beniga Francis Fabular Roldan Ilustrisimo Montecalbo

  60. I have already knowledge in computers before even i had really old hardware. I began having knowledge at the age of 10 where i got the knowledge on accessibg the bios and formatting the pc. All my relatives are clueless whats inside a pc and they are amazed on what I can do. Long story short i am working on a school publication and I am also a photographer who mostly edits photos and doing tasks. I know the only bottleneck to a pc is the HDD and having SSD is a big performance leap on computers. Im a students and my old pc just got upgraded by slowly getting enough funds to upgrade my pc. SSDs are expensive and im literally dying to see PCs to boot in seconds and I would be thankful if I will win the giveaway. Kudos and tha k you in advance.
    Louis Andrei Suba
    Gr 11 Student

  61. First of all,I’m a fan of ADATA since,they release the hd650 1TB,ADATA HD650 is one of thr best external harddisk. Adata has known as a top brand on hardware. Waiting on your free ssd.

    Thanks Lazada & ADATA

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