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CSGO – Latest Updates and Krieg Nerf

The newest update for CS: GO announces many things that fans should be excited about. There has been a big update announced just a few days ago, one which includes a nerf for one of the most favorite guns in the game. The nerf was long-awaited, which is why this news is so important for many players of the game.

The game seems even more promising than before, so everyone should have a better experience. If you want to make CS: GO bets on, then it’s important to know of these changes so you could form your strategy accordingly.

Here’s what the long-awaited update brings to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Krieg Nerf and M4A1 and Deagle Buff

Krieg SG553 is a very beloved weapon for many CS: GO fans, yet Valve received a lot of backlash for it at the same time. It functions wonderfully, as it can cause a lot of damage to the target. What’s more, aside from the damage, it has great accuracy as well. It could be compared with other weapons like Bullpup and AUG, except Krieg was the one causing more damage.

But fans asked Valve to modify the weapon, and they delivered accordingly. The new update reduced the accuracy and firing rate of the gun, making it more similar to other weapons, as it’s not on the same level as them.

“Sorry, forgot one last weapon we made adjustments to SG 553. Not sure who asked for this, but there it is…” the official CS: GO page announced on Twitter.

Meanwhile, M4A1 got different updates. It used to cost a little too much for most players, so not everyone was able to get it. As such, the flagship assault rifle got its transaction price reduced. It went down to $2900. There will likely be more players using it now. There has also been an aim update for the open scope for the AUG.

Deagle got some modifications as well. The accuracy of the weapon has been greatly improved. But it’s so easy to make headshots with it that many people don’t know how to feel about it.

Other Updates Added to the Game

There have been some significant updates for other aspects of the game. For instance, several maps got tweaked. For instance, Chlorine, Office, Mirage, Inferno, and Overpass all got changes regarding cosmetic aspects, such as design and other stuff. But there have been a few other things changed as well.

For instance, there has been a launch option added, respectively –noubershader. If you have an older Intel hardware, this option can help you improve the framerate. Of course, it should only be used by people with older Intel hardware. Otherwise, you risk causing a lot of stuttering on the GPU.

There have been updates for the Anubis map too. For instance, water reflection problems were fixed, and the performance has been improved overall. Also, all the reports about the unintended boost spots and clipping have been fixed as well. It moved to Competitive mode too, as it was on Scrimmage mode beforehand.

The Office map had multiple improvements. The kitchen break room got tidied up, and the beverage machines have been restocked too. Meanwhile, the environment became a non-smoking one, and in the back courtyard, by the dumpster, the snow has accumulated.

In Overpass, world lighting has been revised, and Valve also fixed the pixel boost #151 in water by B site. There is a new collision model that you can find on dumpsters around the map, and the bombsite A backdrop has been reworked.

As for Inferno, the HDR settings for tweaked, and the wall by the door to A site balcony is now bingelibangable.

Since the game might consume a lot of memory for some people, some textures have been compressed to cause less consumption. Now they are more convenient.

“Gua’ dian’ fr’m “Loo” ing to PlayPlay” has been removed. Also, the auto-vocalizations by bots during a warmup have been silenced too.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice seeing Valve making so many updates to the game. What’s even better is the fact that they listen to the complaints of the fan base and make changes accordingly. It was the case with the Krieg nerf.

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