The Best Racing Games of the Previous Decade

I think a question arises in your mind when you are looking into advanced technology! When it comes to the best car games, no doubt we have a wide range of excellent car games in this decade! Am I right? But the question arises here! Do we have the best car games in the previous decade also? Yes, we have! But the previous decade’s games are not much advanced like the 2020 decade.

It’s been the best decade for racing games, with familiar brash newcomers alike offering incredible and surprising cars, fierce competition, and breathtaking beauty, in equal measures. From the countryside of Britain to the heavy corners of Monaco, these are our favorite racing car games since 2010. Buckle up. Well!

Let us discuss some of the best car games of the previous decade.


Are you excited to know? Yeah! I am very excited! The past decade has offered up many incredible and fantastic racing games. Here, we run through the titles and their description that have had us tearing up the track since 2010.

So, here is the first one for you:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)

Have you heard about this car game? Okay!

When UK coppers were busy in cutting of BMW 3 Series Tourings, the police force need the Speed Hot Pursuit’s Seacrest County to spend their time agonizing over whether to pick the Carrera GT, the Zonda Cinque or the Reventón presumably. At the same time, the perp is busy getting away.

It all played out on the beautiful sweeping roads of an open world, and they need for speed’s garage, which is full of exotica licensed with a Burnout’s face crunching takedowns and distorting speeds. Don’t just think too hard or too much about where 5-0 are getting the money for all these. And for that matter, how you fit a light bar to a Carrera GT.

Forza Horizon 4 (2018)

(Playground Games, Xbox One, PC)

In a year full of astonishing and unusual games, Forza Horizon 4 deserves its spot as one of 2018’s very best releases car games and earns its permanent place as one of the best racing games of the previous decade. Forza Horizon 4, however, took things offering up a shared, up a gear, lovingly created open-world Britain with changing seasons, where lakes freeze over in winter, and the weather is as unpredictable and unspecified as it is in the actual UK.

What special about Forza Horizon 4?

Let us take a look! This game comes with incredible and surprising features and visions to see, and the game maintains the standard of lofty gameplay, its predecessors, while delivering one of the best-looking racers of all time. The sheer amount of things to do in Forza Horizon 4 would be enough to recommend it, but really, this is very close to vehicular perfection, and you will not look at the British countryside the same way.

Mario Kart 8(2014)

Can we have such games who owned a genre? Yes! Few games have entirely owned a genre quite like Nintendo owns kart racing. Mario Kart has never faced any real competition, and those games that have tried Sonic Team Racing, Crash Team Racing it’s blown away with a delicate -aimed green shell. Want to know about its previous car game? Here it is! Mario Kart 7 on 3DS added wings to the mix, while its sequel added HD graphics and, what else, anti-gravity sections, letting you loop the loop and leave banana skins on the wall.

The Nintendo Switch re-release, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, then fixed any issues by bringing back proper arena maps for the battle task and mode, leaving us with the best couch multiplayer racing game since the 1990s. We’ll leave you to decide whether we mean Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64.

DiRT Rally (2019)

(Codemasters, PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One)

Do you know rally games their way in the early 2010s? Is it fair to say rally games lost their way for a bit in the early 2010s?

With the sad end of the Colin McRae Rally brand, Codemasters drifted towards more arcade-style games under the Grid and Dirt names until an excellent course correction in 2015 with DiRT Rally, that took the series back to its authentic route. This game is very joyful as it is unforgiving!

Project CARS

(Slightly Mad Studios, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

A surprise hit back when it landed in 2015, crowdfunded Project CARS’ success became distinctly unsurprising once you played Slightly Mad’s brilliantly fast racer. Offering fewer frills, Project CARS delivered where it counts its realistic tire wear and damage, a full race weekends, straightforward career mode, and, most importantly, challenging races with AI counterparts.

Assetto Corsa(2014)

(505 Games, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Heard about this term? Let us take a look! Assetto Corsa has become such a part of the sim racing furniture. And it isn’t straight forward to remember a time before it existed. Like all great racing sims, this game nailed the fundamental handling first and for the most and then set about adding cars and track path to taste.

While there is plenty of racing machinery sitting on the tyres, such as the distinction of the physics model, the game’s rarely better than when you’re going stealthily around in an E30 BMW M3 on far less grippy road rubber. We’ve never been more to have less grip in a racing game.

GT Sport (2017)

Do you know what’s the meaning of GT? Okay! Here, GT means Gran Turismo.

Let us take a great look!

Gran Turismo Sport consists of 177 cars and 27 configurations of 19 locations to race on. For the first time in this series, the game features Porsche vehicles. This game on VR on PS4 pro is another story of realism and fun. A completely different game that strikes as just being in the real car itself. What’s the best about this game? The best part is that this game gets at least 5+ new vehicles, one track, and many sounds fixes every month for free!

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