Get Huge Discounts on Square Enix Games Until Oct. 30, 2018

If you have been planning to stop patronizing pirated copies of PC games, here is another opportunity to start buying legit copies of games. Listed below are the great deals currently available at Steam.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ₱389.95 (85% off)
Life is Strange (episodes 1 – 5) ₱216.25 (75% off)
Life is Strange: Before The Storm ₱294.40 (60% off)
Rise of the Tomb Raider ₱649.75 (75% off)
Tomb Raider ₱88.49 (85% off)

But wait!!! There’s more! Here are games on sale from other publishers you might find interesting.

Metro: Last Light Redux ₱169.98 (66% off)
Road Redemption ₱224.97 (50% off)

You can use credit card, Steam Gift Cards, or PayMaya to purchase games at Steam. This sale promo ends on October 30, 2018 so check them out now. Don’t worry about the required hardware because all the games listed are very playable on our ₱26,000 Gaming PC Build for November 2017.

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Support PC gaming by buying legit copies of games you really want to play. Here are the instructions on how to create a free Steam account.

Happy gaming!